Happy Bites Freeze Dried Wild Blend Dog Treats (75g)

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Type: Dog Treats

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Happy Bites - Luxury Natural Dog Treats

Happy Bites treats are suitable for pets with sensitive tummies and special dietary needs. Using high-quality ingredients that are high in protein but low in fat, you can be confident that Happy Bites snacks are fresh, delicious and healthy for dogs of all ages.

Happy Bites Freeze Dried Wild Blend Dog Treats (75g)

Happy Bites delicious Wild Blend includes a variety of tasty, freeze-dried protein and veggies. 

  • Wild Boar - A great source of zinc, iron, niacin, selenium, thiamine and Vitamin B6. Wild boar can deliver many benefits to dogs, such as supporting muscle growth and function, heart and immune system health.
  • Duck Liver - Naturally rich in protein, iron, and essential vitamins. Being a hypoallergenic protein, it is perfect for dogs with food allergies to common protein sources such as beef and chicken.
  • Pumpkin - Contains vitamins like A, C, and E, as well as minerals like iron and potassium
  • Holland Papaya - One of the tastiest and sweetest varieties of papaya. A real treat to eat.
  • Sunflower Sprouts - Contains dietary fibre, protein, vitamin A and C, calcium and iron.


Wild boar, duck liver, pumpkin, papaya, sunflower sprouts.

Nutritional Analysis:

  • Protein not less than 36%
  • Carbohydrates not less than 15%
  • Fat not less than 14 %
  • Sodium not more than 0 %
  • Moisture not more than 6%
  • Ash not more than 3%

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